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How do I download FireFox
Last Updated 3 years ago

Please click on the link to download Mozilla Firefox to use for your browser for Piedmont International University login.

Once you have clicked the link, you will need to save the file.  A blue arrow in the upper right corner on your screen.  Click on the blue arrow and a list will drop down of recent downloads.  

Click on the top one that has the FireFox download file (it will have .exe at the end of the file name).  
When a pop up box appears, you will need to hit run in order for the download to begin.
If your computer ask if you would like to make changes or save the file, please click OK or Yes

Once the file is finished running Firefox will open.  You do not have to sign up for Firefox.
You can close the first two tabs that open and the third tab is where you will enter in at the top of the browser where the name of the website you are on it listed. You can also type it into the search box in the center of the screen and then click on the link for and it will take you to the homepage of Piedmont International University's website.

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